principal's Message


I am delighted to welcome you to University Maharani College. At University Maharani College our aim is the holistic development of the students through quality education and making them good citizens. We strive to create awareness amongst our students about the changes occurring in society. The students’ emotional, physical and intellectual facets are shaped with the energies of perseverance, thoughtfulness, dedication of a highly qualified, committed and motivated faculty Member. This equips the students with an innovative and educational way of learning and in the process helps them to become the torch bearers of tomorrow. The college has made its mark in academic, sports and cultural fields. I am very proud of our Alumni who are holding responsible position in social, political and economic life of the nation. All this has been possible with the dedicated and continuous efforts of our faculty and students.
The college which was established on 1st August 1944 with only 11 girls and 3 teachers has now grown manifold and has a present strength of more than 8000 students. It has been witness to the changes not only in higher education but also in society. The college was born in the feudal era, matured in democratic environment and is presently transforming itself to meet the challenges of the global world.
I extend my warm wishes to all the students both, new and old, of the College. I am also thankful to the dedicated and devoted faculty members who are doing the noble task of teaching and contributing their time for the development and growth of institution. I pray to the almighty for the success and bright future of my students and colleagues.
May the Goddess Saraswati always shower her blessings on us to follow the path of truth, honesty and success.